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  • What kind of rooms does North Town Shared Space have?
    North Town Shared Space has three types of room accomodations: 1. Meeting or Conference rooms. The two conference rooms are upstairs and can each accomodate up to 30 people. The three downstairs meeting rooms vary in size and can accomodate 20, 35, & 50 people. The larger room requires a minimum rental of 3 hours. 2. Private offices. We have three. Each private offices comes with a desk, an executive chair, and two guest chairs. Free wifi is provided 3. Workstations. We currently have four workstations in an open seating configuration. Each desk is adjustable and four feet wide and comes with a chair. You'll need to bring your own laptop/tablet to connect to the free wifi provided. 4. We have 1 two room office suite and is available by the month only. Please talk to a representative for more information.
  • What does "All Staff" mean in the Calendar Page?"
    When you see this on the Calendar page, it means you have choices of which room you wish to book ie. Conference Room 2. If for example you wish Conference Room 1, select that room from the pull down which says "All Staff." If the time and date you want is not available, then try selecting Conference Room 2 to determine if your date is available for that room.
  • What hours are the spaces available?
    North Town Shared Space is open from 8am to 8pm Mon-Fri and 9am-8pm Saturday/Sunday.
  • What if I have a unique request for my space requirements?
    If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us 509.359.8803. You will be able to leave your name and number and a brief message. We will respond ususally within an hour.
  • What about renting rooms on the half hour?
    All of our room rentals are done on the hour. If you have a meeting scheduled on the half hour you may need to rent an additional hour. The room even with an extra hour is still very affordable.
  • What about "set up" and "tear down" time for a room rental?"
    You need to make sure you have enough time during your rental period to set up and tear down. We do not allow groups to have "extra" time by arriving early and leaving late.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Reservations may not be cancelled by the group or individual making the reservation if for some reason they are unable to use the room. Please make sure that your scheduled time will work before you make a reservation. Rescheduling reservations is permitted for a $15.00 administration fee per booked day. Please make those requests to the contact info on this website. North Town does reserve the right to cancel reservations and refund prepaid fees if unintended or unforeseen events make the room unavailable to use.
  • What are the use restrictions?
    Reservations are not made until payment is received in advance. We do not hold rooms awaiting payment. Outside food and drinks ARE allowed, though alcoholic beverages are not. Main glass double door must remain closed at all times and not to be propped open. No illegal actions nor actions deemed inappropriate for public spaces are allowed. Please be sensitive to noise levels as there are other rooms around you. Business use is permitted but those using the space are responsible for taxes and licenses. Smoking is not permitted within the premises or within 25 feet of an entryway from the outside per Washington state law. Vaping is also not permitted on the premises. Service animals are allowed but all other pets and animals are prohibited. If your meeting or event goes longer and there is nobody else coming in we will be glad to extend your reservation for additional time at the appropriate rate. Furniture currently in the rooms may be rearranged, but may not be removed from the rooms as we don't have a place to store them.
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