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Remember!  When booking a room for more than 1 hour (2 or more hours), our online booking system will automatically add the additional hours.  ie. If you book a conference room for 4 hours starting at 1 pm, the system will create a booking time of 1 pm till 5 pm.

How to check if your space is available.

1.  Click on 'Book Now' button.  A month calendar will display.

2.  Select the day you want.  You'll then see the times that are available for your day selection.  If you do not see the time you're wanting, then that room is rented to another party.  

3.  There is a good chance that we have another room that will fit your needs. Click 'back' to return to the room selection page.

4.  You may browse available dates and times without being charged.  When you find the room, the day, and the time you wish, you may then reserve that space with your credit card.


Rescheduling a room is possible if reason is due to extreme circumstance. 

To order North Town Coffee beverages and food with your room rental, click here.

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